August 22, 2014

Ciao, tutti!

I'm currently in Rome studying abroad for the next 4 weeks. As a foodie who is especially keen to Italian food, I'm in paradise. Of course, that means I’ll be updating as often as I can to share with you all everything I eat. Although I've only been here long enough for two meals, I already feel like I’ve gained a million pounds (obviously exaggerating) that have already induced a food coma.

For lunch today I went to Osteria da Fontana in Campo de’ Fiori (where I'm staying). What made this place so special is that all the pasta they serve is hand made by a little old lady that stands by the window, who also chats with diners and those walking by and pausing, curious of her technique. It was also quite an unusual menu, at least from the menus I can remember on my last trip to Rome five years ago. At Osteria da Fontana, you choose from a list of pastas that the nonna (grandmother) makes, and then choose from a list of sauces to pair your choice with. I knew I wanted arrabbiata sauce immediately upon spotting it on the menu. I had only ever seen arrabbiata paired with penne pasta, which they didn’t have, so the camiriere (waiter) suggested I have fettuccine. I didn't order any house wine because, well, being by myself I wasn't feeling very adventurous. Also, the menu was only in Italian and I didn't see "casa" anywhere on it except in reference to the pasta. So I just had water, and a Coke in the cutest little glass bottle. The pasta was absolutely delicious.

July 18, 2014

This summer, I’ve often found myself researching food trucks and food truck events through my collaboration with RoadStoves, a company that helps kick start food truck businesses. All of the research has led me to follow many food trucks with hopes of seeing that one will be in a location where I can “coincidently” run an errand in the area and “happen upon” a gourmet food truck. That being said, I’ve tried quite a few trucks that circulate the LA area, which in turn inspired me to recreate a few of my favorites. This week I recreated a salmon burger that...

July 12, 2014

Today’s posting is a belated one, in that it’s about what I ate last Friday on Independence Day. On the Fourth of July, my mom and I decided to nix our original plans of going to Venice Beach and stayed in to cook up a feast. I made corn salsa (inspired by Chipotle), guacamole, and home baked lime chips (also inspired by Chipotle). My mom made a delicious “zesty” quinoa salad, pork loin, and blueberry muffins.

June 25, 2014

On Monday, I talked about food in LA that I missed while in Seattle; today, I’m going to talk about the home cooking I missed. I missed a lot of home cooked meals because, while I do have a kitchen and cook for myself, I still don’t have the time or recipes to make the things that I used to eat at home in LA. What I missed most? Soup! My mom loves making soup from scratch and trying new recipes. In fact, we used to have amazing comfort-food soup nearly every Sunday!

June 23, 2014

Today marks one week that I’ve been in LA for the summer and I have to say it's great to be home! So far, I've been hired for an internship that I really wanted, I saw my nieces, and I finally caught up on both seasons of Orange is the New Black. While I enjoyed being in Seattle these last three years, there were many things about LA that I missed. Things like: the constant sunshine, guaranteed A/C everywhere I go, 93.5 KDAY, and not having to pay $15-$20 for parking to run a single errand. However, what I missed the most was the food – from Urth Caffé to Lawry’s, LA knows good eats! According to LA Weekly, Los Angeles is famous for having the best Ramen, Doughnuts, Food Trucks, and Tacos. After living in Seattle, and traveling to other cities, I think cupcakes should be added to the list of food that LA does best.

June 18, 2014

Hey all! Sorry for the delay in posts! I had finals keeping me busy and then had to move back home to LA. But, now that I’m home I have more time to write about what I'm eating! Today, on my first post of the summer, I’m going to write about compotes!

Now that berries are finally in season, compotes are a great way to prepare any of your favorite berries! Compote is fruit that has been cooked down to a syrupy consistency. They can be eaten on their own or...

May 13, 2014

Welcome to my blog, this is a place where I’ll be sharing with you what I eat. I won’t be posting every meal I eat on here, like a cliché Instagram user would (No hate! I can’t promise I won't post every meal I eat on Instagram); but, a few times a week I’ll show you where I’ve been and what I ate. To keep up to date on when new blog posts are up, be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram, and like me on Facebook!

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